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First4Freelancers launches a marketing service proposition.

You've come to love us for our accounting, payroll, vetting and compliance services. Starting today we are expanding into marketing. You are now able to partner with us for your social media marketing, blog curation, display advertising, analytic, influencer marketing, SEO, lead generation, copywriting, and crowdfunding needs. This was made possible thanks to a string of recent strategic partnerships that had us integrate with the leaders of the marketing world.

We understand that reaching your customer is one of the most important things you can do as a business. We facilitate tailored and bespoke marketing services to help you reach your audience wherever they are.

We offer four packages to suit your marketing needs basic package, standard package, premium package and premium package plus crowdfunding. These can be tailored to your needs, book a consultation to learn more.

What makes us the best at the things we do?

Social Media - a good social media account is insight driven and conveys a clear and simple message. It's imperative that the brand's audience is understood correctly as this will aid in creating content that will resonate with potential followers and customers. Don't worry, our experts always choose the right social media platforms for your company, create a content bank and schedule posts ahead of time.

Blog - what makes a good one? It's consistent, unique and eloquent. It also targets the niche with content that is relevant and engaging given the audience. Nothing beats genuine passion and we've thoroughly incorporated this gem of wisdom into our strategy.

Display Advertising - is a very worthwhile investment as a business. The best time to reach your customer is when they have the buying intent and are actively searching for your services. It is then perhaps unsurprising that retargeted display adverts have a very high ROI. So what makes a good one? A good display ad is simple, has plenty of colour and contrast, is straight to the point and addresses recent trends and events.

Analytics - should be considered carefully. It has to be clear, robust and well-presented. It's important that the right dataset was chosen, it was transformed correctly into the form where patterns and correlations can be revealed. It then has to be analysed using the appropriate subset of all available techniques, always keeping statistical significance in mind. The resulting analysis then has to be presented in a clear and dataset appropriate format that conveys all the important features of the data at a glance.

Influencer Marketing - is a way where brands can promote their products and services via endorsements from content creators scattered about the web. F4F influencer campaigns obey all the latest rules of the trade. We will choose the appropriate platforms for you, help increase sales and brand awareness, work with a wide spectrum of influencers from giants to micro-influencers, generate plenty of inbound leads with engaging and topic appropriate context and much more.

SEO - we will remove all that slows your website down, link to other websites with relevant content, encourage other authoritative domains to link to you, use the latest analytics tools to track for what's working and what isn't, write unique and relevant meta tags, use a simple and readable URL structure, use correct keywords in images and consistently publish well written content to your domain.

Lead Generation - a solid lead generation strategy is automated, has a high output, doesn't produce junky leads and is complete with all the relevant information that your outbound sales department will require to convert these leads into custom.

Email Copywriting - there are a few factors that make for a good email campaign, when sending an email we always have a goal in mind, the latest analytic tools guarantee that your emails will be sent when your customer is most likely to open them, the title and the header are optimised to increase open rate, and your emails will look inviting across all screen sizes from mobile to desktop.

Crowdfunding - receive tailored advice on all aspects of running a crowdfunding campaign, these services include but are not limited to getting campaign approved on a crowdfunding platform of your choice, creating all the required assets (text, infographics, reward structure and video pitch), marketing database generation, copywriting emails to investors, booking meetings with prospective investors, creating landing pages to qualify interest, and targeted display advertising.

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