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Free company registration!

Are you ready to become a business owner?

We'll set you up for free. Upon completion you'll receive a ready to trade company. First4Freelancers will be here to guide you and take care of the whole process.

Want to cancel?

No worries, we offer a free and easy cancellation within the first 12 months.

Why are we doing this?

Because we believe that it makes for a healthier ecosystem if more people have an opportunity to take a shot at it.

How long will it take?

Just fill in an online form at First4Freelancers and everything should be ready within 2 working days.

How will I receive the relevant documents?

We'll email you the company documents in a PDF format, you'll also receive a printed certificate of incorporation.

Is this secure?

We are an authorised Companies House formation agent.

What information will you require to register my company?

1) Unique company name - you are able to validate uniqueness using this tool.

2) Director and shareholder information - we'll require the name, nationality, date of birth, occupation and address of the director. You'll be able to amend these details with Companies House.

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