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Payroll done right!

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With a plethora of payroll solutions it can be difficult finding the right one for you. I’d like to tell you about how we do things differently at First4Freelancers, our motto is: “We aim to mitigate as many costs for you as a business, whilst reducing your workload and providing outstanding service to you and your employees.” and we are proud to fly this flag.

What payroll services do we offer?

  • All deductions. Create necessary deductions for anything flagged up by HMRC.

  • PAYE calculations. Standard PAYE calculations, making tax and NI deductions.

  • RTI for HMRC. Completion of monthly RTI submissions to HMRC.

  • Payment management. Managing all statutory payments for employees.

  • Holiday calculations. Calculations of your employee holiday entitlement.

  • PAYE deductions. Filing and updating all PAYE deductions to HMRC.

  • Electronic pay slips. Uploading electronic pay slips to a secure online portal.

  • New employees. Addition of new employees to the payroll.

  • Existing employees. Production of P45 documents for any leavers.

  • Workplace pension. Monthly auto-enrolment of Workplace Pension, whilst calculating and deducting all pension contributions.

  • Unique employee ID. Creating a unique employee ID once registered to the payroll, which will be used when submitting RTI filing to HMRC.

  • Year end process. Handle all year end processes, including P60 that are processed for all employees — keeping you fully compliant.

What are the benefits for employees?

  • Increase their take-home pay over direct employment.

  • Fully compliant with all HMRC and PAYE regulations.

  • Full entitlement to UK employee statutory rights.

  • All inland revenue documents i.e. pay slips, P45, P60’s generated and supplied.

  • Payments made into their personal account, on the pay-date selected by you.

  • Offset legitimate business related expenses against your gross income to reduce taxable income.

  • Instant registration.

  • Secure online portal — where you can view and print payslips.

  • Full pay advice provided, showing all breakdowns from gross to net pay.

  • Maximum of £18 per week worked. No charges for weeks that you do not work. No hidden fees or charges.

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