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9 points ACS has outlined for any SIA approved company to stay above-board

Is our Payroll managed to legislative standards?

Our payroll is managed and meets all legislative standards. We are monitored by CIPP, which means that all PAYE requirements are met, ie RTI and PAYE filing etc...

Are your Tax codes checked and correctly applied in a timely manner and in compliance with HMRC guidance?

Yes! HMRC provide us the tax codes via the portal, these are the ones we use to process the payroll.

Are the Staff paid through a PAYE compliant system?

Yes, our payroll solution is a PAYE compliant software: SAGE and PAYROLL MANAGER

Are People who are subject to PAYE receive full employment rights of an employee?

We cover all statutory payments, pensions etc. They receive a employment contract and are subject to receive all statutory payments. Holiday pay is dependant on the employer.

Are your month-end and year-end procedures are run within deadlines?

Yes, we abide by all of the month-end and year-end procedures and are always within our deadlines. All PAYE filing and payments are made before the 19th of every month.

Is there a direct link between the hours worked and the wages paid?

The information that we receive from the employer is the information that is processed. • This also applies where staff are paid by others e.g. a factoring company, an umbrella payroll company, an agency, or sub-contractor. Yes, this covers all types of staff and how they are paid. • Organisations do not make unlawful deductions from staff pay. No unlawful deductions are made from the staff.

Can we ensure payments to staff are made on time within the contractual payment cycle?

The payments are always processed and made on the day that is promised to the employees. • Where payments are made to labour providers/agencies (who then pay individuals), the business should undertake due diligence to ensure individuals are paid within an agreed period. All Due-Diligence is done prior to any payment processing is convened.

All queries relating to payroll are handled effectively and lessons learned are fed back to improve procedures.

We always take the queries on and make sure that we improve effectively as this makes our service the best possible.

Is there clear information for staff on their pay, deductions and the payroll system in use?

Yes, a dedicated client relationship manager will be available to answer all payroll queries.

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