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up to 70% in accounting fees when you hire freelancers & contractors

Unlock extra money in your business with no extra effort

As we know, your time is most valuable when running a business.
We handle all administration as well as compliance side of the payroll.
We have 
provided bespoke services to over 10,000 happy clients.

Our payroll solution services aid employers in multiple ways, we help you save money on:

  • Employers National Insurance.

  • Statutory payments (sick pay, maternity pay and more...)

  • Holiday Pay

  • Pension and pension deductions

Let's talk about how we can help you prosper

Accounting, Tax and Book Keeping Services

We offer a tailored approach to bookkeeping practices, accounting, periodic financial statements, tax compliance and cash flows. With our world-class team of experts ready to answer all your questions at a moment's notice, you may have a peace of mind that your accounting is in professional hands. 


We understand that mundane and repetitive tasks of bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance is something that detracts from your ability to scale and grow your business. To this effect we are here to take care of all this and more, leaving you free to focus on what you do best! The entire proposition has been concocted to allow you to outsource all of this to First4Freelancers without a second thought. We are a team of professionally qualified and accredited accountants. We are able to offer you accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance services at unimaginably low prices.

Outsourced accounting and outsourced bookkeeping not only saves you time and human resources; but it also saves you additional money. It is no secret that an accountant will charge you higher if your books are not properly kept. When going with First4Freelancers you can expect your books to be done right the first time, every time.

Accounting and Tax Compliance Services


A superb payroll solution for you and your contractor. Avoid mistakes with fully HMRC compliant software.


Wake up to your books looking clean, organised and up to date. Our expert team will take great care to make sure everything is done correctly and presented to you at your convenience.


We understand that you'd like to focus on what you do best. Let us take over compliance so you can target your attention where it's needed the most; running your business.

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The team is ready and available to answer your queries and help with any aspect of running a company. Expect professionalism, broad knowledge of accounting and clear lines of communication.


Our accountants will review your books and accounts from time to time and offer you bespoke advice on how to become more tax efficient.


Handling VAT returns is time consuming and process based. Want to free up your team’s time to focus on higher level work? Switch your VAT returns to First4Freelancers.


Contact our specialist capital gains tax advisors to discuss the many ways that we can reduce your capital gains tax liability.

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Bringing together expertise, insight, imagination and innovation. We help you adapt to the ever-changing business landscape and achieve your goals no matter the weather.


We relieve you from the hassle of filing tax returns. You can be confident that we won’t let you bear any late fines or inaccuracy penalties.


For most small businesses, lack of cash flows means death to business. Our cash flow strategy will help you judge how much cash you have to spare at any point in time.

Joss Paper

We defend contractors against the IR35 legislation. Find the latest advice, resources, and services to help you understand the IR35 rules and stay compliant with the IR35 legislation, whether working  inside or outside IR35.

Business Plan

We create a clear, concise and auditable set of strategic and tactical objectives which are well aligned with your overarching organisational objectives.


How am I able to benefit from your offering as a small business owner?

Are you a small business owner? Thinking of becoming one? You may be surprised to learn that HMRC expects the same amount of due diligence and care when preparing accounts and filing tax returns from you as it does for large enterprises. First4Freelancers works closely with small business owners to understand your business and prepare a customised accounting, tax compliance and bookkeeping strategy that is just right for you. Our services work equally well for small sized private limited companies, limited partnerships, sole traders, trusts and cooperatives. When it comes to price you won’t find us beat by anybody else.

Select the package that suits your business

Our packages range in prices as well as the level of services that we provide for them.

Let's talk. We can tailor an exact price to fit your needs.

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If you're a company, or hire contractors & freelancers - find out how we can make a huge difference to your business.
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  • FREE Company formation

  • Limited company accounts

  • Limited company tax returns



  • Limited company accounts

  • Limited company tax returns

  • PAYE system



  • Limited company accounts

  • Limited company tax returns

  • PAYE system

  • VAT Returns



  • Limited company accounts

  • Limited company tax returns

  • PAYE system

  • VAT Returns

  • Book keeping ( up to 1000 entries per annum )

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"As a first-time business owner I was completely lost when it came to doing my taxes. First4Freelancers has been amazing, answering all my annoying questions and helping me in every way they can. I can't recommend First4Freelancers enough!"

- Founder

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